Thank you Polk Education Foundation

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Thank you, Polk Education Foundation, for the “Teacher to Teacher Grant” monies for Dr. Marcia Berger’s, classroom. Dr. Berger’s students have been involved in a history program which began in February called “A Trail of Florida’s Memories: Native Americans”.

The students learned there were more than a dozen original Native American tribes in Florida. They include the following: – Pensacola, Apalachee, Guale, Timucua, Potano, Ocale, Tocobaga, Mayaimi, Ais, Calusa, Jeaga, Tequesta, Seminole, and Matecumbe – each one with distinctive cultures and customs.

The student studied each of these tribes and compared and identified characteristics of each while discussing numerous similarities and differences. The class read books that were purchased, watched videos, spoke about the life and times of each Native American Nation and are in the process of putting together a Native American Village.

This has been a wonderful fun filled time spent together as a class. Many of the students were able to talk to their parents about the various Native American customs that make each unique.